Preschool Dance Classes 2023-2024

Our preschool classes are designed to introduce young students to dance in a positive atmosphere. They’ll learn how to interact with classmates, take turns and listen to instruction, all while having a great time moving to the music!  Pre-school ballet classes are a great introduction to dance, no matter what type of dance the student continues with as they grow.

Ballet/Jazz/Tap (4-5yrs)

Mon 10:45-11:4am

Fun combo class that introduces students to ballet, jazz & tap!  This class is divided into three, 20-minute segments:  Students learn ballet fundamentals w/age-appropriate positions & vocabulary;  are introduced to  jazz dance & taugh how to make movements & create shapes; and finally an they will have fun  w/basic tap moves & terms,  w/an emphasis on rhythm.  Dance games help make learning fun in this active class for little one always on the move!

My First Ballet Class

Our pre-school ballet program, “My First Ballet Class” is divided into classes for ages: 3-4yrs & 4-5yrs and are 45 minutes long. We create a first ballet experience for your child that is positive and fun! Students receive a quality dance education in a caring & fun environment that grows with them.

Our curriculum is designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts specifically for these young students' bodies and their capabilities. Our teachers have all been trained in this pre-ballet curriculum, and students and families love it!

3-4yrs: Wednesday: 11-11:45am
4-5yrs: Thursday: 11-11:45am

Jazz/Tap (4-5yrs)

Thurs 1-1:45pm

Great 45-minute combo class for littles! Students are introduced to basic tap terms and moves, with emphasis placed on the importance of rhythm & clear sounds and also start to learn about jazz dance and which muscles dancers use to make movements and create strong lines. It's the perfect class to begin learning about tap & jazz, and burn up some energy:)

Who we are

Wasilla Music & Dance Center is a unique studio offering quality private & group music lessons and dance classes. We are located at 231 E. Herning Avenue, Wasilla. We have been teaching in Wasilla for over 5 years and have a location in Anchorage for over 20 years.

Located in Downtown Wasilla

Our building has a state of the art dance studio and 5 music studios. The dance studio has a floating "marley "dance floor, which helps reduce the risk of injuries and allows students to dance longer without getting tired. The music rooms are professionally designed for private lessons, group guitar, keyboard lessons. Multiple students can take private or group music lessons and dance classes at the same time on the same day. That means parents only have to drive to one location for everyone's lessons & classes. What a time saver for parents!

We are Direct Pay Vendors with Home & Charter Schools

"We are direct pay vendors with CyberLynx, Denali Peak, IDEA, Mat-Su Central, Raven, Twindly Bridge, Family Partnership, Frontier Charter School & Denali Peak. If you don't see your school here, contact us and we'll see what we can do!"