Music Group Classes

Our Multi-Level Group Lessons are designed to give students the supportive and fun experience of a group class, as well as the individualized attention of a private lesson.  We offer these lessons for piano, guitar, and drums.  Our “Little Keynotes” program is a fun introduction to the piano for 4-5 year olds.

Students involved in a group setting are immersed in all aspects of music.  They are energized by their peers and learn cooperation & teamwork, which creates opportunities for greater creativity & collaboration.  Being a part of a bigger whole boosts self-confidence & ultimately enhances other parts of their life.

Our 60-minute, group lessons are designed so each student also gets one-on-one time with the teacher.  Their teacher creates personalized assignments and helps students set goals that they can successfully meet each week. 
Our students learn self-discipline and accountability to the group while having fun learning to make music.  The 60-minute length allows plenty of time for each student to participate in group activities and games, and time to complete individual assignments. 

Rock Band Classes
Students LOVE our Rock Star Rock Band classes!  They learn classic rock, write their own songs, name their bands, and perform LIVE in concert twice a year.  We have a Beginner class that doesn’t require any prior music experience, and a “Next Level” class for those who have rocked with us before!  Students learn how to play with other musicians, learn new skills and “Rock the House”!

Little Keynotes Group Piano Lessons (4-5yrs)

Innovative beginner piano lessons that introduce note reading & rhythm to young students in a fun environment! Classes include group music theory games and one-on-one time with the teacher. In the beginning of class students share rhythm & note reading activities that reinforce music theory, hand coordination & piano skills, then spend one-on-one time with the teacher to reach individual goals each week. These activities are designed specifically for 4-5 year olds. Students benefit from a group environment that includes individual attention from the teacher. Parents receive access to videos & games to continue the fun & learning at home between classes!

Multi-Level Group Piano Lessons (6-9yrs) & (10-12yrs)

This class gives students one-on-one time with the teacher while participating in a group setting. In the beginning of class students share rhythm & note reading activities that reinforce music theory, hand coordination & piano skills. These activities are designed for new beginners & as well as students with experience playing. Next, the teacher spends private lesson time with each student. Assignments are checked weekly & students progress at a pace that works for them, with assignments designed for each individual student by their teacher. The 60-minute length and maximum of 4 students per class allows practice time and a chance to ask questions. This environment creates a supportive, fun classroom energy, while students experience private lesson progress! BONUS: This is a great class for siblings, as it allows the family to come to the studio just once a week for multiple students who are learning the same instrument.

Multi-Level Group Piano Lessons For Homeschoolers (7-10yrs)

Our same dynamic, Multi-Level Group Piano Lessons, but scheduled at a convenient time for homeschoolers! Students receive one-on-one time with the teacher while participating in a group setting and making new friends.

Multi-Level Guitar Group Lessons (7-10yrs) & (11-14yrs)

Music is meant to be shared and our Multi-Level Group Lessons format is an amazing motivator! This class has all the benefits of a private guitar lesson, combined with the experience of making music with others. The 60 minute length allows for one-on-one time where students work on curriculum their teacher designed just for them, so they are able to progress at their own pace. Group activities include a warm-up/improvisation that all students and the teacher play together, and music theory & composition skills games and worksheets. The combination of individual attention and the opportunity to play guitar with other students creates a fun class where everyone celebrates individual & group successes!

Multi-Level Guitar Drum Lessons (7-10yrs)

Our group drum lessons are action packed & innovative. We’ve combined the personal attention of private lessons with the fun of playing music in a group! Our exclusive drum set classroom has 4 electronic drum sets that students practice on with headphones…then they unplug and show their classmates what they can do! This 60 minute class allows students at different skill levels to work on songs at their own pace. Each student has one-on-one time with the teacher, learning individual lessons to help them progress at their own pace. Lessons begin with snare drum rudiments & drum set warmups, and shared music theory & composition skills games & worksheets. Reading Drum Notation is an essential part of the class --- but learning how to play those drum patterns in a song is the real payoff. Students are encouraged to create their own drum play along playlist and share it with the class. Many types of music are highlighted using the Modern Band Method Drum book, which includes play along band tracks and videos for home use.

Supplies to Start:
Drumsticks 5A, 5B or 7A
Headphones to use in class (must cover ears)
Modern Band Method Drum Book
Breaking It Down Drumset Method Book

Rock Star Beginning Rock Band Class (7-10yrs)

Previous music experience is not required to join this Level 1/Beginner Course for students just starting out in music. Students learn to perform, improvise and compose using popular musical styles they know and love, including Rock; Pop; Reggae; Hip Hop and other modern styles. Instruments include piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. Students will create a name for their band and learn skills such as song forms and chords; dynamics (loud/soft); rhythm styles and tempos. All while working towards a LIVE performance.

Rock Band Class-Next Level (11-16yrs)

This is our Level 2/Intermediate rock band class for rock stars with 1-2 years of private lessons or prior Rock Band Class experience. Great opportunity for students looking to make new friends & play in a band with others of similar skill levels, under the guidance of professional musicians. Band members name their band, choose songs to learn and perform live at the end of the course! Past camps have featured music from bands such as: Beach Boys; Rolling Stones; Nirvana; Queen; Jason Mraz and others. Instruments included: Piano, Guitar Bass Guitar, Vocals and Drums. Singers need to bring their own microphone to and from class.

Who we are

Wasilla Music & Dance Center is a unique studio offering quality private & group music and dance classes at our new building located at 231 E. Herning Avenue & the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center in Wasilla.

New Building in Wasilla

The new building has a state of the art dance studio and 5 music studios. The dance studio has a floating "marley dance floor, which helps reduce the risk of injuries and allows students to dance longer without getting tired. The music rooms are professionally designed for private lessons, group guitar, keyboard and preschool music classes. The new building is designed so multiple students can take private or group music lessons and dance classes at the same time on the same day. That means parents only have to drive to one location for everyone's lessons & classes. What a time saver for parents!

We Work With Home & Charter Schools

We are direct pay vendors for CyberLynx, Denali Peak, IDEA, Mat-Su Central, Raven, Twindly Bridge, Family Partnership & Frontier. That means no out of pocket money for the family! We are also reimbursement vendors for Denali Peak & Cyberlynx.